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What is 7z file and how to open it?

What is a .7z file?

A 7z file extension is a compressed file that is developed by Igor Pavlov. These files are written in binary format. It is a compressed archive file that is c created by various files compression tool. Igor pavlor7zip. These files use open-source compression. 7z files may contain multiple numbers of directories or files compressed to save space for storage or transportation purposes. 7z file is a file extension that is a  free open source compression tool similar to the archived formats such as ZIP, RAR, and ISO. Still, it uses a higher compression ratio along with AES-256 encryption.

7z file

                      These files are created by the LZMA compression method, an algorithm for lossless data compression that helps save the data while compressing the file. It is the type of compression that Is known for reducing the file size while preserving quality. If you received any 7z file, you could open it with the WinZip by following the steps below.

How to open 7z files?

  1. Save your 7z file to the desktop. If your compressed file was earlier downloaded from a website, it might be stored in the Downloads folder in your Documents folder or user directory. 
  2. Launch Winzip application from your start menu and then open the compressed file by clicking the file > open. If your system has the compressed file associated with the WinZip program, just tap the double click on the file.
  3. Select all the files and folders included inside the compressed file; multi-select only the files and folders you wish to open by holding the CTRL key and left-clicking on them.
  4. Click 1-unzip and choose to unzip to PC or cloud in the WinZip toolbar under the unzip or share tab.
  5. Select your destination folder where you wish to place the extracted files and then click on the unzip tab.
  6. Find out your extracted files from the destination folder.
7z file opener

Methods to open 7z file

1: iZip for mobile

  1. Locate the zip in the play store
  2. Tap on install
  3. Click on the zip icon to launch the application.
  4. Tap on local files to locate the 7z file
  5. Long – press on the name of the 7z file and tap ok

2: 7-zip for windows

  1. Navigate to the website of 7-zip
  2. Click on the Download that is next to the file for obtaining your version.
  3. Select the location to save the file and then click the “save” button
  4. Double-click on the 7-zip file and then click on ” Run.”
  5. Double click on the 7z file that you wish to open
  6. Press Ctrl + A to select the entire archive files, then click on “extract.”
  7. Click the ”-“ button to select a folder to save the files.
  8. Click “ok” to unzip the files from the folder.
open 7z file

3: WinZip for Windows

  1. Double click on the 7z file.
  2. Navigate to the link.
  3. Click on Download Now, then save the installer to the downloads folder.
  4. Double click the installer and then select ”RUN.”
  5. Double click the 7zip file.
  6. Press the  ctrl+A for selecting all the files and folders of the 7Z file
  7. Click the button that says ”1-click Unzip.”
  8. Select ‘’Unzip to PC ‘’ select the option ‘’Unzip to PC or cloud’’ and then select a destination folder to extract the files
  9. Click ”Unzip” to extract the contents of the 7Z file in a folder where they want.

4: Unarchiver app for Mac OS X

  1. Start with the launching of the app store on your Mac.
  2. Type ”Unarchiver” in the search field, which is present in the app store, selects the program displayed in the search result.
  3. Click on ‘’Get’’ and then ‘’install app’’
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions for installing the un archiver on your computer.
  5. Launch the un archiver after the completion of the installation process
  6. Select 7Zip archive from the list of file formats
  7. Navigate the extraction tabs
  8. Select ”Ask for a destination folder” from the drop-down list.
  9. Double click the file that you want to open.
  10. Choose the folder to store the contents of the 7Z files and then click on ”Extract.”

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