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What is BAK file and how to open it?

What is BAK File?

BAK files are the files having a file extension .BAK is a backup file used by several applications for the same purpose, which is to save the duplicate copy of one or more than one File for the backup purpose. Many BAK files are created automatically by the application that needs to store a backup file.

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Sometimes BAK files are generated manually by the user of the program. You can create the File by yourself if you want to edit the File, but you should not make any changes to the original File. So. Rather than moving the File out from its original folder by overwriting it with the new data or delete it altogether, what you need to do is just add.BAK file extension for safekeeping at the end of the filename.

BAK File Format

BAK file extension is created for the file format, usually used at the time of generating a backup copy of the File. A BAK file is developed as an automatic backup file when a program is editing or making the changes to the File in the question. Some certain database programs use BAK files when making a backup copy of their database.

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 Methods to open BAK file

Follow the steps given below to open a BAK file-

  1. Browse the File to open.
  2. Click on the Properties button and then Open File Location tab.
  3. Look for a backup of the File that you received.
  4. Prepare a copy of the original one.
  5. And then Delete the original File.
  6. Come on to the Rename Bak file option.
  7. The application should then start working as the original.
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Open Microsoft SQL Server .Bak File-

This is an easy method to back up and restore Microsoft SQL databases.

1: Click on the name of your SQL server in the Object Explorer pane to expose your databases.

2: Select the  “user databases” option and then right-click on the name of the database you need to restore.

3: Click on data base.

4: Click on the “From Device” radio button and then click on the “…” button to open the backup medium window.

5: Select the “File” option from the drop-down menu, and then click on the “Add” button.

6: Tap the “OK” button and click on the  “OK” button again to open the File for backup.

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How to Restore a .Bak File?

As we mentioned earlier, that there is no other way to open and perusing the substance of a SQL Server .bak File other than just restoring it.

  • Make a Right-click on the database tab.
  • Go on to the task > restore > database.
  • Check the Radio button from the device.
  • Click to browse the location.
  • Tap on the “add to select”  BAK file option.
  • Go on to the Bak file folder and then select the folder for restoring.
  • Tap the “OK” button and then select the backups that you wish to restore.
  • Then select both the options for a complete backup.
  • Press the OK button and then get a message after completing the backup.

How to Convert BAK File Extension?

  • A file converter can’t change the file type BAK because it’s not so much a filegroup in the conventional sense but simply a naming plan.
  • On the other side, you can’t make sense of utilizing a BAK file extension, take a stab at utilizing an application that can play the File as a content archive, same as one from our Best Free Text Editors menu.

Essentially, instead of changing over BAK file to CSV file, you can locate that opening the File in a content manager would demonstrate that there is a lot of content matter.

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