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What is Bin File and how to open it?

What is BIN file?

BIN file is a ROM image file that stores the dumped stat from a genesis game cartridge, the exact original copy of the game. BIN files can be opened on a computer by using the Sega Genesis emulation program. BIN file extension is often related to the compressed form of binary files. These files are usually used by various computer programs and for several reasons too. Bin file extension is popularly used with the CD and DVD backup image files and some particular anti-virus programs.

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                    We now realized that BIN files consist of binary code, which is used by the other various programs on the computer. In most cases, the BIN files are stored in the raw binary format and can be opened with the text editor’s help. Simultaneously, some of the BIN files are created by the specific computer applications such as Roxio Creator that should be opened with the software created with the compatible software program.

Methods to open BIN Files.

BIN files can not be opened directly; therefore, to open or to use a BIN file, you need to either burn it into the disc or mount the file to a virtual drive. The user also can convert the BIN file into an ISO file format that allows the user to use other programs to burn or mount the file.

Method1: Burning the BIN File

1 Find your file

If you want to burn the BIN file on a CD or DVD, you may require the CUE file to go with it. If you have the BIN file, but you can still find it, you can create one  CUE file.

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2 Create a CUE file

Open Notepad on your computer and then enter the following lines:

  • Change the filename from. BIN file extension to the name of the BIN file that you want to burn.
  • Save the file at the same place same folder where the BIN file is already stored. Click on the File button and then tap on the Save As command. Tap the “Save as type” button in the drop-down list and select the “All Files” button and name the file with the.CUE file extension.

3 Open your burning application:

As BIN file format is a format of older versions, only older applications can completely support this file format, specifically in the multitrack BIN files. Common applications include CDRWIN, Alcohol 120%, and Nero.

4 Load the image file:

It is based on the application that you may need to load the CUE file or ask for the BIN file. After uploading the image file, you can see a readout displaying how much space an image file will take on the disc.

5 Start burning:

After verifying the image loading properly, insert a blank disc, and then start burning the file. The time to burn the file will completely depend on the size of the image, the burner’s speed, and the computer’s performance.

6 Test the dis:

Once the burning process is over, test the disc by inserting it into the device you burned it for. Ensure that everything is loaded accurately and that the tracks are in the right spot.

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Method 2:- Mount the Image file

Install virtual drive software:

A virtual drive will match with a physical optical drive on the computer, and it will also permit you to “mount” the image file in it.

Mount the image:

Programs such asWinCDEmu will locate the icon in your System Tray. However, right-click on the icon over one of the fake drives, and then select the Mount Image option.

Open the disc:

Once the image gets mounted, the computer will start acting as if a physical disc has just been inserted right now, which means Autoplay might open, or you might be asked what you need to do with the disc?.

Method 3:- Convert a BIN File into ISO Format

Download a conversion program:

You will need a conversion application to change the BIN file into an ISO file format. The moment you changed the file to an ISO file format, you will be capable of mounting or burning the file with many more different applications.

Open the converter tool:

Start the MagicISO and then click on the Tools menu. Select the “BIN to ISO” file.

  • Browse for your BIN file
  • Convert the file
  • Mount the ISO file:

The moment your file has been converted, you can mount it by using a virtual drive. If you use Windows 8 or OS X, just right-click on the ISO file and then choose the “Mount.”

Burn the ISO file:

You can burn ISO files into the discs by using most of the burning applications.

Explore the ISO file:

You can use MagicISO programs to explore the contents of the ISO file, and also allow you to copy the particular files from within the archive folder.

Convert BIN to ISO:

Power ISO is also one of the BIN converters. It allows the users to open, edit, convert and extract the BIN files. To convert BIN/CUE file to the ISO file, you need to follow these steps,

  • firstly, Run the PowerISO app on your system
  • select tools button.
  • PowerISO shows the Image Converter dialog box.
  • Select the source of the bin file that you need to convert. You can also choose the cue file.
  • Then Set up the output file format to iso file.
  • Enter the output file pathname.
  • Click on OK. PowerISO will display the progress information during the conversion of the file.
  • After the bin file is converted successfully, you will receive a message, “Converting image file completes successfully.”

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