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What is HEIC file and how to open it?

What is HEIC file?

HEIC File is also known as HEIF File. It stands for High-Efficiency Image Format. Apple first accepted the HEIC file in 2007 as a substitute for the JPEG file format.  JPEG file extension is more capable in terms of its size and quality. It is a new major step in image file extensions and a very massive method of cutting down the file sizes as it has been used in the history of the Apple iPhone Portrait Mode, by enabling much superior quality images than the usual JPEG image files among other merits.

heic file

                                 It contains one or more than one image file saved in the HEIC file format, commonly used to store the images on mobile devices. It may consist of one image or a series of Images with the metadata that describes each image. The HEIC file extension is commonly using the .heic as a file extension, but sometimes it may also emerge as the .heif file.

Uses Of HEIC File

Interestingly, Google is working on the image file format, which compresses a file’s size to an extra 15 percent over HEIC. Here’s why HEIC files are big in sizes:

  • Approximately half the size of a JPG file for similar quality.
  • It can store multiple numbers of images in a single file.
  • It supports clearness like the GIF files.
  • It can also store the image edits, like cropping and rotating, so that you can undo them when required.
  • It also supports JPG’s 8-bit vs. 16-bit color

How to open HEIC files?

A power soft Photo Viewer

Apowersoft Photo Viewer is an image viewing application that can be used to directly open the HEIC images on Windows PC. It has a simple interface and also very easy to use. With it, you can open and view the HEIC images on your computer or save the HEIC images as JPG or other common image formats.

  1. Firstly, Download and then install the Apowersoft Photo Viewer application on to your Windows PC.
  2. Then launch the application once you have transferred HEIC images to PC, and you’ll be then directed to the main interface.
  3. Click on the “Open” button or drag the HEIC images that you need to open and view to the window. Or you can also go to the main menu icon, find the “Open” command to select, and then open the HEIC images.
  4. Later, your HEIC images will be then opened, and the preview of other images in the same folder will also appear. If you don’t want to look at the preview of the images, display the toolbar to turn off the thumbnail by switching left on the “Thumbnail” button
  5. You can then freely use the toolbar located at the bottom of the application to manage your pictures.

Except for this tool, you can also use some other alternatives to open the HEIC file on Windows PC.


Use HEIC to JPG Converter

Along with other cool features, the CopyTrans program HEIC for Windows can convert the HEIC file to a JPG file.

  1. Firstly, Download CopyTrans HEIC for the Windows program.
  2. Then Install the application. For help in installation, watch out for the quick tutorial.
  3. Open a folder that contains your iPhone made HEIC photos.
  4. Select a photo that you need to convert to JPEG. Right-click on it and then choose the “Convert to JPEG with CopyTrans” tab. CopyTrans HEIC for Windows can convert up to 15 HEIC photos simultaneously. Make a Right-tap on the photo and then choose the “convert to jpeg with CopyTrans” tab.
  5. Lastly, just two clicks between HEIC and JPEG files. HEIC file will be then converted to a JPG file.

Convert HEIC to JPG with Copy Trans Photo

  1. Firstly, Download the CopyTrans Photo application.
  2. Make sure that your Apple device is unlocked and then connect it to your PC. All photos from your device will then appear on the left side of the screen.
  3. Go to the Settings icon and then select the “transfer in most compatible format (JPEG)” button. From the Settings option, choose the file format in which you need to transfer the pictures – jpeg, he or both heic and jpeg file.
  4. Locate the HEIC pictures you need to transfer, and then just drag and drop the file to the right side. Tap the green “Apply changes” button in the extreme top left corner to save the image. Then Locate the heic file in your Camera Roll and drag and drop the file to the PC.
  5. Search for the folder where you transferred the photos and locate the heic pictures in the folder.

Both methods are 100% success guaranteed for the HEIC photos made on iPhone.

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