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What is VLC file and how to open it?

What is VLC File?

VLC files are commonly associated with the ACUCOBOL-GT license files. VLC files are generally used to install the software license on a user’s computer, ensuring that the related application will run properly. The software cannot be pirated or cannot be used illegally. VLC files are mainly used on the VLC media player to read the files that include then .VLC  file extension. The VLC files used by this program include the data files referenced by the media playback application.

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Software that is used to open or convert VLC files:

These particular apps are known to open certain types of VLC files. As many different programs may use the VLC files for various purposes, you may wish to try a few applications to open certain VLC files.

  • VideoLAN VLC Media Player
  • Applian FLV and Media Player
  • TS Player

What is the VLC file extension?

VLC File has the file extension “.vlc.” The VLC file extension is the extension for playlists. The VLC file extension is used to open a certain playlist with VLC. The VLC file format of a playlist is with a .vlc file extension identical to M3U and PLS playlists’ file format. These can be created by just renaming these files to files having .vlc file extension.

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How to open VLC File?

Play VLC file

  • To open a file, Open the Media menu, and choose the Open File menu item.
  • An Open File dialog box will appear instantly and then. Choose the File that you need to open and then select the Open button.
  • VLC will then start opening the designated File. An alternative is to simply drag n drop your VLC File into the VLC main interface or to the playlist window from the file explorer (Finder on Mac os x).


  • To open a CD/DVD or a VCD, open the media menu and then select the open Disc menu item.
  • In the Open Disc Dialog Box, select the type of media (VCD, SVCD/DVD, or Audio CD).
  • You can select the drive in which the Media is located by selecting the drive letter from the Disc Device drop-down menu or selecting the Browse button, which will open a dialog box that you can use to search for the media you wish to play.
  • If you need to start a DVD or VCD playback from a given title and chapter instead of the beginning, you can set it using the Title and Chapter selections.
  • You can also set up the Audio and Subtitles track by using the selections. There is also another option for No DVD menus while reading a DVD.
  • To start playback, select the OK button.
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Play a Network stream

  • To play a network stream, open the Media menu and then browse the Open Network Stream menu product.
  • A dialog box will then open with the three user input box. The first box is for the user to choose the stream’s Protocol, which they wish to open.
  • The second one is for the user to input the stream’s Address, and the third box is for the user to navigate the correct port.
  • The user is only required to input the Address. To start playback, choose the Play button.  

How to convert a media file with the VLC?

Here we will discuss how to use the VLC software to convert the media file to another Windows format.

  • Open the VLC player from the Start menu.
  • In the menu bar, click on the Media> convert /Save.
  • Click on the Add button and navigate the File that you want to convert.
  • Click on the Convert/Save button.
  • Under Destination, click on the search button, select a location to save the File, and then name the File.
  • Under the Profile, button select the Video – H.264 + mp3 (MP4)
  • Tap the Start button
  • VLC player should now convert the File.

Once the File is converted, try playing the File to ensure video and audio display correctly.

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